Faladdin: Horoscope, Astrology

Faladdin: Horoscope, Astrology

By Vision Yazilim Anonim Sirketi

Faladdin: Horoscope, AstrologyFaladdin: Horoscope, AstrologyFaladdin: Horoscope, AstrologyFaladdin: Horoscope, AstrologyFaladdin: Horoscope, Astrology

Faladdin is a free fortune-telling application that touches 5 million hearts every single day with Tarot reading, Astrology and daily horoscope. Astrology explains the secrets and techniques of the Zodiac signs. Tarot reveals the thriller of the cards. And daily horoscopes take the guidance of the stars that created the Zodiac signs. With these parts, Faladdin takes more than 1 million folks on an attractive journey between the previous, the current, and the lengthy run.

Aside from every day horoscope, astrology, and Tarot, there might be extra in the magical world of Faladdin!

Free studying every day!

Did you understand that you've got 1 free reading every single day in the magical world of Faladdin? You can use your every day coin per day for horoscope, Tarot, or astrology. Listen to your mood for the day and use your daily free studying for astrology, horoscope or Tarot studying.

Exclusive Premium Membership

The most necessary privilege that premium membership offers you is you could read your Tarot and clairvoyance readings, astrology analysis, or every day horoscope with out watching ads. In addition, you could be informed and benefit from numerous campaigns and new merchandise of Faladdin before anyone else.

Tarot Reading

Tarot playing cards have a deep knowledge and replicate the worlds which have been painted on them. Especially if it is Faladdin who interprets them, they turn into more meaningful. That's why Tarot is another extremely preferred reading type of the Faladdin world. With perfect and detailed readings despatched to tens of millions of customers every single day, we deliver the messages hidden by Tarot playing cards.

Daily Horoscope

In the colorful world of Faladdin, there is also an area for the stars who are the guardians of the sky! You can benefit from the light of the stars, which have guided individuals for the explanation that starting of time, with Faladdin's every day horoscope, and horoscope compatibility. Be certain to get your free every day horoscope for a unique experience! Let the Zodiac signs gentle up the way for you.


If you need to get a deeper understanding of yourself based in your zodiac star sign, together with your solar signal and moon signal, astrology is for you! With Faladdin's astrology evaluation, which is predicated on the Zodiac indicators, yow will discover solutions to questions about your life and draw a roadmap for yourself. Plus, one of the astrology titles, biorhythm, offers a brief analysis of your daily intellectual, emotional and physical state, based in your astrological information. You can also check zodiac compatibility together with your companion, friend, relative, or someone you merely like or dislike primarily based on their birthdays and zodiac indicators.

The Genie

He's a wit, he's a prankster... A bit of a punk, a bit of a scholar, but all the time a 10 out of 10 seer! The Genie, Faladdin's greatest good friend and sometimes his fiercest rival, is here for you along with his short and funny prophecies!


For the moments if you want someone to tell you something and alter your mood, Motivation is what you want. Faladdin’s magic phrases got here together to make your day!

A dangerous day on the office? Get a daily horoscope to see what the day brings.

Had a fight together with your beloved one? Tarot playing cards are right here to point out you the road!

Don’t know what to do with your life? Astrology waits to clear your head.

If you need to color your day, Faladdin is right here for you. And apart from day by day horoscopes, Tarot, clairvoyance and astrology, there are huge and candy surprises too!

Come on, take your house in Faladdin's magic world without losing time. Be a half of this unique experience!

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