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Cornilescu Audio BibleCornilescu Audio Bible

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The Romana Cornilescu Bible has intuitive and easy-to-use design that helps you to listen to the Word of God in a pleasing and interactive means. In a world the place folks no longer appreciate studying and are rushed, a era of expertise, this app helps you. The Bible is made especially for you, the one who wants to have the Lord's phrase close to you even when you don't have time to learn or do not know where to purchase a Bible in Romanian, just here you can easily hear all his phrases God.

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Dumitru Cornilescu (born April 4, 1891, Slaşoma commune, Mehedinţi County - d. 1975, Switzerland) was a hierodeacon and author of a translation into Romanian of the Bible, revealed in 1921, the translation that is at present probably the most widespread translation of Protestant denominations (including nonprotected ones).

The Holy Bible of the Holy Bible, the holy scripture Bible, refers to the sacred scriptures of Judaism and Christianity. These scripts are compilations of separate documents (called books) written over a interval of about 1,000 years. Only the Old Testament has about 100-150 different writers, coming from the intelligentsia within the service of political leaders. His books have been printed separately and gathered within the first and second centuries BC. to type the first Hebrew Bible, Tanach, and later, with additions, the Christian Bible, known as by Christians and Holy Scripture.

The first a part of the Christian Bible is called the Old Testament (from the Greek palaia diathékè). The Old Testament largely represents the Greek translation (or of it in different languages) of the Hebrew sacred text because it was through the 2nd century BC. A division of Jewish origin based on useful Old Testament terms divides it into the law (the law of Moses, the Pentateuch, the primary five books of the Bible), the Prophets and the Holy Writings. The second a half of the Christian Bible is called the New Testament.

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