Animal and pet care diary

Animal and pet care diary

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Animal and pet care diaryAnimal and pet care diaryAnimal and pet care diaryAnimal and pet care diaryAnimal and pet care diary

Do you have a dog or a cat? Or possibly you've a parrot, a rabbit or a hamster? You love your pets, and they loves you in return. When you visit a veterinarian, he asks what the pet ate, how often he ate, how typically did you go for walks? At this level the diary of the pet involves the rescue. Thanks to this software you should have a record of all important occasions on your telephone.

If your canine is planning a haircut, then our diary will notify you about it. Your cat has kittens, you'll be able to write it down. Record the number, date and time. Maybe you have to change the water within the fish aquarium? Diary is beneficial for each kind of pet.

Keep brilliant moments out of your pets’ life! Create and save variety of details about your pets!

You can save pictures of your pets, their toys, food and far more in the software. Take notes, submit photos and watch your pets grow up.

Pet’s diary - useful and easy app which can allow you to in care of your beautiful pets. In the app you can set reminders about all necessary occasions and write a diary of your pets.

Main options of the app:

- handy notifications

- pet’s life history

- grouping events for various categories(health care, washing, strolling, and so on.)

- add your personal categories

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