Spiritual Awareness

Spiritual Awareness

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Spiritual AwarenessSpiritual AwarenessSpiritual Awareness

Get access to movies and naamjap by our Divine GuruBhagwan and Guruma

Our mission is to help folks like you find and walk a religious path which is ready to enrich your life with new energy, love, peace and happiness. Consequently, reaching all around the globe and finally enlighten you.

We deal with everyday problems of people and have Satsang (Spiritual discourses) as well as practice our thoughts to be within the Now, Present moment Awareness, being positive, perceive that we are Atma and never this physique. Meditation and Naam Jap are a half of the coaching program. Chanting God’s name (Naam Jap) gives peace of thoughts, will increase Love for all, we turn out to be happier and relaxation in Self.

We are overlaying all age groups – young minds to older individuals as well as all aspects of human psyche are dealt with. Our agenda is that will assist you by sharing practical experience of spiritual masters to fulfill your religious quest.



- Access videos created by Divine Gurubhagwan and Guruma

- More than 2 movies per week!


- Meditate in chants of Mahamantra

- Choose from variable tunes

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