My Halal Scanner

My Halal Scanner

By insanyya Apps

My Halal ScannerMy Halal ScannerMy Halal ScannerMy Halal ScannerMy Halal Scanner

Easily verify if a product is Halal or not, just scan the barcode on the packaging of a food product or drink.

✦ Each ingredient and additive on the product labeling is inspected to ultimately present an in depth report and conclusion on the presence or absence of drugs which could be illicit :

- Halal

- Doubtful

- Or Haram

✦ For every scanned product, you've a listing of alternative Halal products, or similar, and the place to seek out them.

✦ A search mode lets you discover Halal merchandise in your nation, tell you which brand and in which retailer to seek out them.

✦ A database of more than 900,000 products.

✦ A listing of 1000's of key phrases in all languages, including scientific terms, for a very correct end result.

A huge thanks to Open Food Facts whose database allows us to comprehend the application.

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