MAWAQIT Prayer Times Mosques

MAWAQIT Prayer Times Mosques

By Mawaqit

MAWAQIT Prayer Times MosquesMAWAQIT Prayer Times MosquesMAWAQIT Prayer Times MosquesMAWAQIT Prayer Times MosquesMAWAQIT Prayer Times Mosques

Instantly geolocate the nearest Mosques round you, get actual prayer instances and real-time info out of your beloved mosques.

MAWAQIT is the only utility you want for the holy month of Ramadan 2022. Free and without any Ads.

Getting to the nearest mosque and connecting together with your beloved mosques has never been easier!

Unlike other apps that give you approximations, we give you the exact timetables set by your Imam.

Mawaqit app is one of the best for you when you are on the lookout for the time of Suhoor, Iftar, Azan, iqamah, Azkar, Qibla direction, and the Ramadan and Hijri calendar.



• 100% Accurate: Salah and iqamah instances as set by your Imam, primarily based in your mosque's timetable (Fajr, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Maghrib, Isha).

• Azan Prayer Notifications: Choose from stunning prayer calls with many muezzin voices and adhan.

• Imsak and Iftar: During the holy month of Ramadan, see the Fasting and Iftar occasions.

• Qibla: Qiblah compass to rapidly find the direction to Mecca.

• Set Alarms: Pre-prayer notifications, suhoor, sunrise, sunset, and iftar.


• Calendar: See all of the important dates, such as Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Adha.

• Imsakiye: Download and share the monthly calendar and Ramazan timetable.

• Download, share, or print: monthly, yearly, and upcoming occasions.


• Search for Mosques: in additional than 35 countries worldwide.

• Mosques round you: Easily find mosques using geolocation, identify, city, or address.

• Bookmark your Favorite Mosques: Get their precise prayer timetables up to date in real-time.


• Donate to your Masjid: Support your beloved one mosques to maintain them open and prepared to serve our neighborhood.

• Donate to construct the home of Allah achieve immense reward: help construct permanent structures the complete community can share in the pleasure of worship.

• Give Zakat Sadaqah to Muslim Charity: help the needy, and help the community


• Events News: Never miss an occasion happening in your mosques.

• Live streams: Jumua, conferences, actions, classes, etc.

• Important Messages: from your Imam or your Mosque managers.


• Facilities Amenities: Ablution room, Women's devoted house, Access for people with disabilities, and so on.

• Services: Salat-Ul-Eid, Adults programs, Children programs, Iftar Ramadan, Suhoor, Salat-Ul-Janazah, Parking, Library, Shop, and so forth.

• Contacts: Address, Phone, Email, Website, and Social Network pages.


• Widget: See the prayer occasions, the next prayer, and the Hijri Date at a look from your personal home display screen.

• Smartwatch: Google Wear OS compatible

• Android TV: Compatible

• Android Box: Compatible (Android model 9 and up)

• Google Assistant (soon) and Home assistant compatible.


The Holy Qur'an is coming very quickly, insha'Allah.


• العربية, English, Français, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Dutch, Português, Türkçe. More languages are coming incha’Allah.

Do you need to help us with the translations, contribute, or assist us improve our Apps?


We welcome any passionate and driven volunteers with a genuine curiosity in what we do. If you'd wish to contribute to this blessed cause, please go to our website at:


• The most trusted Mosque Management System.

• The largest Mosque Worldwide Network.

• Serving hundreds of thousands of Muslims daily.

• Since 2016

• A non-profit venture - A dedicated endowment (for the sake of Allah).

• Open Source: Member of the OSI (Open Source Initiative)

• Community Driven

• Free, with none Ads.

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