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“This is a blessed Book which We have revealed to you, O Muhammad, that they could replicate upon its verses and that those of understanding would be reminded.”

Quran, 38:29

The Qur-aan, a miraculous revelation of Allawh upon Prophet Muh’ammadd (Peace and Blessings be upon Him) lays the mental and moral floor for an excellent Muslim life by reviving the past (through tales of Prophets and their followers) and establishing a code of conduct for a profitable and sensible Islamic imaginative and prescient of the nice life, serving as an eternal steerage for all mankind. Correct recitation, thorough understanding, important evaluation and research into the messages revealed in the Qur-aan becomes essential with the evolution of human information and advancing instances so as to acknowledge and recognize Islamic data and its tremendous impact on our daily lives. Thus, it becomes a non secular obligation for all Muslims to study correct Qur-aanic recitation in Arabic and carefully study and mirror upon its translation in order that we may be illuminated by its steering.

Iqq-raaw is a uniquely complete and extremely informative illustrated android utility in English transliteration from Urdu that concisely compiles the fundamental framework for studying the Qur-aan. The systematically arranged topics on this app make clear the importance of right Qur-aanic recitation and highlight the central themes explored within the Qur-aan. The app serves as a one-stop vacation spot for a simplified comprehensive handbook to Qur-aan recitation etiquettes, introduction to lessons for primary recitation, Tajweed, Grammar, Tafseer, Scientific ideas explored, stories of Prophets, and an exhaustive backdrop to the history, structure and the messages elucidated within the chapters of the Qur-aan.

This app exclusively features the following sections:

Introduction to Qur-aan : History of Qur-aan revelation and compilation, structure and names

1. Nooraanee Qaaiydah: Definition, Full Qaaiydah for beginners

2. Introduction to Tajweed: Definition, importance of Tajweed, Basic and Advanced courses

3. Qur-aanic Grammar: Importance of Qur-aanic Grammar, Qur-aan dictionary, Basic and Advanced courses

4. Introduction to Tafseer: Definition, historical past, significance and classification

5. Etiquettes and Virtues of Reciting the Quran

6. Qur-aan and Science

7. Backdrop of Prophets and their ummah in context with Qur-aan Tafseer

8. Soorawhs (Qur-aanic chapters) at a glance:

Introduction to kinds of Soorawhs, places of revelation, various names of a Soorawh, record of main matters coated in Soorawh highlighting its stories, messages and instructions, reference to a previously revealed Soorawh, and associated hadith Allow this app to bolster your relationship with Allawh through learning Qur-aanic recitation, understanding its themes (or messages) and abiding by its prescribed way of life. Let the Qur-aan honor you with its secrets and techniques and lift your standing in this world and the Hereafter.

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