How long until iftar?

How long until iftar?

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How long until iftar?How long until iftar?How long until iftar?How long until iftar?How long until iftar?

*** Happy Ramadan ***

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What's Left for Iftar? in its application; It is very simple to comply with the iftar time, see the remaining time for sahur and iftar, and examine the prayer times!

You can comply with the sahur and iftar occasions in additional than 8000 cities similar to Istanbul, Ankara, Konya, Bursa, Baku and Vienna in 209 international locations.

Live broadcasts, maniler and Karagöz- You can watch Hacivat videos. You can share daily verses, hadiths and Friday messages together with your family members.

Features in the application:

- Automatic city selection from location

- Countdown to Sahur and Iftar hours


- Ramadan imsakiye

- Daily prayer times

- Verse and hadith cards

- Iftar live broadcasts

- Ramadan mani

- Karagöz and Hacivat videos

- Healthy iftar and sahur menus from an expert dietician

- Prayers and Surahs

- Suhoor and Suhoor Notification during iftar time

- Monthly prayer times

- Simple interface, straightforward to use

We have developed entertaining and instructive content material for the month of Ramadan. As it has been for years, many options have been added such as new videos, sound recordings and reside broadcasts the place we can spend time and have fun whereas ready for iftar. We hope you have a wholesome, fruitful and beautiful Ramadan together with your family members...


Website: http://iftaranekadarkaldi .com

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