Community Bible Reading (Drama Bible)

Community Bible Reading (Drama Bible)

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Community Bible Reading (Drama Bible)Community Bible Reading (Drama Bible)Community Bible Reading (Drama Bible)Community Bible Reading (Drama Bible)Community Bible Reading (Drama Bible)

Community Bible Reading

Hear God Speak!

The time it takes to listen to and read the entire 66 books of the Bible, eighty five hours

You can learn the entire Bible by simply studying 2 hours per week for a yr.

Download the 'Community Bible Reading' app now and begin reading the Bible.

1. What is Public Reading of Scripture?

A group of individuals 'get collectively as a neighborhood' to 'hear and browse' the Word of God, the Bible, collectively.

Community Reading the Bible is

'Spiritual Practice' that we often collect collectively in our every day lives.

From Moses to Jesus, individuals read the Bible of their every day lives. We have are obtainable in.

By listening to the Bible, we can pause and clear our confused minds,

and humbly hear God's voice.

2. Community Bible Reading (PRS), more vividly!

With the 'Drama Bible' audio put in within the 'Community Bible Reading' app,

Meet the dwelling Word of God extra vividly.

You can really feel even larger emotion through 'Drama Bible' recorded by over 100 actors/voice actors.

3. Community Bible Reading (PRS), what ought to I do?

If you employ the Community Bible Reading App, you'll have the ability to conduct the meeting more easily.

Meeting Preparation

1) Gather 3 or more members and set the assembly location, time, and frequency.

2) Prepare a Bible to learn collectively and the ‘Community Bible Reading’ app.

3) Choose a 20-, 30-, 45-, or 60-minute studying plan.

4) Please select a moderator for the assembly. It would be good to have everybody take turns main.

Proceeding the assembly

1) The moderator briefly introduces the text or plays the 'Bible Project' video within the app.

2) Select the 'reading plan' by way of the app.

3) Listen to at least one a part of the 'Psalm' with a gap prayer, after which hearken to the 'Bible' within the order of the studying plan.

4) After listening to the text, take a minute to 'meditate' on every one for a few minute.

5) Listen to one of the 'Psalms' with a closing prayer.

6) Share your meditation on what you read.

Listen to the Word through 'Community Bible Reading', grow in learning, and enjoy pleasure with the group.

We just need to meet at the promised place, open the Bible, and listen to the Word.

Dedicate yourself to what I read (Public Reading of Scripture) and to what I am recommending and teaching. 1 Timothy 4:13

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