Mysterious Tarot

Mysterious Tarot

By PythonessSoft

Mysterious TarotMysterious TarotMysterious TarotMysterious TarotMysterious Tarot

Mysterious Tarot is an audible Tarot Reading App and encyclopedia that you must use with your android telephone. In fact, it is rather more than a classic Tarot app.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence support inside, it interprets Tarot spreads audibly and fluently.

By using the seventy eight Tarot cards, it brings out a deep data of your unconscious, taking you on a mysterious journey deep within your coronary heart and soul.

Use the Mysterious Tarot and start taking a look at your life from a special perspective. Let it give you a transparent interpretation about what you want to learn.

Become acquainted with artificial fortune teller thanks to Mysterious Tarot.

Ask a question, select your Tarot unfold, then Tarot playing cards and read or pay attention your Tarot interpretation.

# Start your day with the steerage of Card of the Day and Promise of the Day.

# Whether you are a Tarot learner or knowledgeable Tarot reader, the Mysterious Tarot will surprise and delight you.


- Using lovely Tarot card photographs from the classic 1909 deck by A.E. Waite and P.C. Smith or Marseilles Tarot Deck.

- Ability to share spreads utilizing e-mail, Facebook, Instagram and many other functions.

- Ability to pay attention your Tarot studying audibly and fluently because of synthetic intelligence support.

- Ability to calculate the eigenvalue of the Tarot unfold.

- Reversed playing cards meanings support.

- Possibility to determine on the Tarot playing cards using your individual real Tarot deck and to interpret by Mysterious Tarot app.

- English and Turkish language assist.

- Everyday free Card of the Day interpretation and Promise of the Day.

- Tarot Card of the Day Calendar.

- Everyday The Promise and the Card of the Day are ready! notification.

- Detailed information about Tarot, Tarot Cards, Symbols, Numbers, Colors and Tarot Spreads with Tarot Encyclopedia.

- Ability to write down and save your personal private notes on Tarot cards.

- Real Tarot reader Pythoness suport.

- eleven completely different Tarot Spreads.

. Tarot Clairvoyance

. Single Card Spread

. Yes / No Spread

. Celtic Cross Spread

. Relationship Spread

. The Fool Spread

. Cross Spread

. Decision Spread

. Way Spread

. Blind Point Spread

. Three Cards Spread

- Baroque type background music

- Ability to record 10 Tarot Spread Interpretations to system memory.

- One-button Tarot reading without waiting for hours.

- Subscribing,Tarot Gold Coins Purchase or utilizing the app free by watching advertisements.

- Device-independent information protection by way of consumer registration.


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Endless because of all of our users.

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