Kuan Yin Oracle

Kuan Yin Oracle

By Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

Kuan Yin OracleKuan Yin OracleKuan Yin OracleKuan Yin OracleKuan Yin Oracle

The Kuan Yin Oracle app provides steerage and positive, practical and spiritual advice by Alana Fairchild featuring 44 attractive cards themed across the power of Kuan Yin, the Chinese Goddess of Love, Mercy and Compassion.

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Kuan Yin is revered by Buddhists all through East Asia. Inspired by her divine knowledge, this beautifully illustrated oracle is designed to guide us toward a loving and enlightened life. The playing cards comprise messages and practical workout routines to nourish you on your spiritual path. Open your coronary heart to Kuan Yin's teachings, and study to like, belief, and live your highest future.


- Give readings anywhere, anytime

- Choose between various varieties of readings

- Save your readings to evaluation at any time

- Email readings to friends

- Browse the complete deck of cards

- Flip playing cards over to learn each card's meaning

- Get probably the most out of your deck with the entire guidebook

- Set a daily reminder for a reading

Alana Fairchild shares a message of love from the divine mother in all her many faces – compassionate and fierce, protective and wild –

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