By Andrei Semenov


AstroVizor is the appliance for astrologers. It can create natal or transit chart, show tables of planets and features, seek for interpretations in the Internet.

Time and placement of the chart may be easily diversified at any moment: click the time bar, after that vertical actions along the screen will alter the date or place, horizontal actions will select the element (year, month, coordinates, etc) to differ. Double click on on time bar will show a menu, which allows to save and to open charts, to indicate keyboard to enter the time and coordinates, to look a metropolis coordinates within the Internet, to pick the time zone and present database.

The chart can be stretched by the movement alongside its radius. Touch the planet, house signal or side line to see the information about it (time of tangible side, ingressions of planets, aspects to the house cusps). Double click permits to go to the time of ingression/exact, and to search the interpretation in the Internet.

The program description is on the market in the application menu.

The free version can display only a single chart. It consists of:

- Single charts (natal or transit). To create a natal chart, input the time and location, and then save the chart.

- Charts and tables may be scaled (with 2-finger gesture);

- It is feasible to save and to open charts. Databases within the format of QuickChart and ZET are supported. Create a folder named astrodata on SD-card, and put there the database recordsdata (*.qck and *.zbs).

- Tropical and sidereal zodiac;

- Asteroids Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Chiron;

- Lunar nodes and Lilith (Dark Moon), mean and true;

- Ingressions of planets, time of tangible elements (touch the planet sign or aspect line);

- Search for interpretations within the Internet (on the double click on the planet sign or facet line).

- Lunar days and planetary hours;

Full version is activated by subscription with computerized monthly paiment (until you cancel it at any time in Play Store; 7 days free trial period), or by a single fee for one year (no automated payment). It can work with two charts, the core chart (Chart 1) which is a natal chart or an arbitrary time, and background chart (Chart 2) which might be natal (synastry), transit, return, direction/progression chart.

Full model has the following capacities:

- Single and twin (bewheel) charts;

- 17 centaurs (asteroids between Saturn and Neptune), 23 transneptunian asteroids;

- sixteen house methods;

- 19 features, orbs could be set for single and twin charts independently;

- Table of the planets can be personalized to display astronomical information and the rulers of the zodiac sign and its subdivisions (decan, time period, degree);

- Midpoints, uranian wheel;

- Fixed stars: conjunctions and aspects to planets, parans, directions to angles;

- Antiscia, parallels of declination;

- Firdaria, vimshottari dasha;

- Synastry analysis;

- Arabic points: Fortune, others could be defined by a consumer;

- Directions (zodiacal and equatorial), progressions. Set the natal information in Chart 1, then go to Chart 2 and double click on on the time bar. Choose Derived chart within the menu;

- Solar and Lunar returns;

- Planetary returns, partial returns to a different planet of to deal with cusp;

- Heliocentric, planetocentric charts;

- Harmonic charts with any coefficient;

- Composite charts, Davison charts for groups of people. Double click on time field to modify the record of individuals. It is feasible to repeat this chart into Chart 1 and study it is compatibility with other natal or transit chart.

- Calendar of aspects and ingressions for the interval of 1 day, 1 week, 1 month. It works additionally for instructions and progressions.

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