Esma Clock

Esma Clock

By Ibismo Innovation LLC

Esma ClockEsma ClockEsma ClockEsma ClockEsma ClockEsma ClockEsma Clock

You can use Esma Clock, which is essentially the most advanced and complete application amongst Zikirmatik functions, with out disturbing your concentration (without ads).

- Automatic calculation of Star hours based on your location;

- Any date To learn the instances of the Star hours in advance;

- Optional notification when the star hours are entered;

- The 99 lovely names of Allah and their attributes;

- The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) with different day by day dhikrs -

We provide our religious brothers and sisters who dedicate their lives to dhikr on this highway that's thought-about the greatest worship in our religion and leads to marriage!

“ Does Allah grant everyone the dhikr of his name? Your capacity to say 'Allah' is a sign of Allah's love for you. It is a dhikrmatic software that exhibits the Esmâs with their virtues, which is really helpful to be drawn according to the day by day star hours and the number of abjads, as the author Ibni Ibn Îsâ İlyâs Sarûhânî mentions in his work Esmâ-i Hüsnâ Commentary.

At the same time, the results of the planetary hours of this divine system we're in on individuals, according to the work of Ma'rifatname by the dear Islamic scholar, Sufi individuals, Ibrahim Hakkı Erzurûmî and fashionable astrology, the works that are really helpful to be done or to not be carried out at these hours. It also includes details about habits. In addition, there are every day dhikrs made by our Prophet, the Messenger of Allah (saas). At the same time, it is a supply of enjoyment that offers peace and comfort to the hearts. As a matter of fact, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) stated: The state of 1 who doesn't remember his Lord is like the state of the residing and the lifeless. (Bukhari, Daavât, 66)

“…Remembering Allah is in fact the greatest of all worships…” (Surah Ankebut, 29/45. verse).