RDV The App

RDV The App

By Ligue pour la Lecture de la Bible

RDV The AppRDV The AppRDV The AppRDV The AppRDV The App

With the help of RDV The Book, readers uncover every day a biblical text, a commentary on the text written by one of the authors and a practical software. In four years, and as many books, not removed from the complete Bible will be lined. RDV The App comes with the studying of The Book to help readers deepen their meditation, using movies, audio, testimonials, photographs and many different contents.

You can order RDV The Book through the Bible Reading League department in your nation.

France: editions-llb.fr

Switzerland : ligue.ch/rdv

More than thirty writers have contributed to this work. Pastors, volunteers, theology college students and even leaders of teams of younger people, women and men, from France, Switzerland, French-speaking Africa or Belgium... The variety of backgrounds pursues a objective: to succeed in younger people in right now to permit them to satisfy God through the Bible and prayer.

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