Proco - pros and cons lists

Proco - pros and cons lists

By Freckled OG

Proco - pros and cons listsProco - pros and cons listsProco - pros and cons listsProco - pros and cons listsProco - pros and cons lists

You have a problem/question/dilemma and also you do not know how to decide?

Our app helps you with this process!

You can create a classic execs and cons list as well as a evaluate list with up to 5 completely different options.

Pros and cons lists


In this traditional version of the list, you start with your question. For instance: Should I take a risk and become self-employed? Then you add arguments in favor and towards this determination to your listing and select their significance. At the top, a result's calculated for you, which can help you along with your determination.

Compare lists


This is an extended model of a professionals and cons record. You can use it to compare a quantity of options. For example: Which new flatscreen television should I buy? With Proco you'll be able to create a evaluate listing, add as a lot as 5 contestants, add arguments for each and at the end the finest choice is calculated for you.



With Proco you possibly can:

- create an account and entry your lists wherever with the Android app or online at

- share your lists with other individuals, if you'd like their opinion

- archive or delete your lists

- set lists as favorites

- choose the colors you like

- sort your lists according to your needs

If you have any requests, feedback or questions - we might love to listen to from you!

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