Bisara cup and palm towers 2022

Bisara cup and palm towers 2022

By Coffee & Palmistry

Bisara cup and palm towers 2022Bisara cup and palm towers 2022Bisara cup and palm towers 2022Bisara cup and palm towers 2022Bisara cup and palm towers 2022

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Cup studying:

Cup reading or tassiography, is an historical art that appeared in China, the place their clergy specialized in reading cups of tea. With the beginning of the spread of espresso, black gold, within the international locations of Greece, India and the international locations of the Orient, the phenomenon of studying a cup of espresso as an alternative of tea grew to become a habit, till it became a habit of Arab women.

Reading the cup after ingesting espresso, in an attempt to decipher the symbols, smiled at the bottom of a cup and searched for the secrets and techniques of a future that only God is conscious of, an try and resolve a social and psychological contract, and a half of a legendary Arab heritage that's nonetheless firmly rooted in minds.


The hand has three main traces. The line of affection located in the upper part of the palm, the road of the pinnacle in the center of the palm, and the road of life within the decrease a part of the palm. With age, strains change with persona, attitudes and experiences.

It isn't the lines of the hand that define life, however rather life that determines the form of the palm. For example, a brief pause in the head line could arise as a result of a traumatic expertise.

Palm studying with photos with comprehensive clarification of the interpretation of the hand lines

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The science of power and attraction:

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