Speaking Clock-Driving Sleep Sensor PowerKey Alarm

Speaking Clock-Driving Sleep Sensor PowerKey Alarm

By Comostudio

Speaking Clock-Driving Sleep Sensor PowerKey AlarmSpeaking Clock-Driving Sleep Sensor PowerKey AlarmSpeaking Clock-Driving Sleep Sensor PowerKey AlarmSpeaking Clock-Driving Sleep Sensor PowerKey AlarmSpeaking Clock-Driving Sleep Sensor PowerKey Alarm

Just air swipe or Double click on Power Key or Upside-down phone!

immediately, will tell you current time with your individual sentences. speaking clock, alarm, reminder.

Double-click the Power key (of the music, of walks), air swipe your hands on the phone (during sleep, during operation of the ride). Tell the time without turning on the cellphone.

0. make your personal sentence!

1. Just air swipe near the front camera or Upside-down(flip) telephone to talk !

1.1 Smart Cover characteristic; will screen on and communicate present time and schedule if open the gadget cowl.

2. Double click Power Key to speak!

3. Add Driving Mode feature

- You can hear the present time and schedule whenever you driving utilizing air swipe.

- Before driving, pull the Notification Bar and activate the driving mode, and turn it off when finished.

4. Home Screen Widget or Lock Screen Widget(only kitcat version) to speak!

5. Sensor(Proximity Sensors) on/off, Power key on/off, All off in the notification bar!

6. use days and use time (7 * 24)

- (mon, tue ~ sun) * (0h, 1h, 2h ~ 23h)

7. hourly text(7 * 24)

- (mon, tue ~ sun) * (0h, 1h, 2h ~ 23h)

8. Range minutes(trial)

- ex) 7h 10m ~ 7h 20m

9. Listen only with earphone or pay attention with speaker

10. similar to pause/volume down/Ignore while music is playing

11. Automatically begin service and cease service when using or not using time. (save battery)

12. Automatically restart service on reboot.

** In the pocket or listen music(headset, earphone) or game

1. double click power key

2. the different way up or air swipe

3. click on home widget

4. click on lock display screen widget

-- then communicate present time and your own sentence!

- available change voice (male, female), velocity, talking engine.(depends on manufacture)

- use good sentence

- deep sleep, driving, bicycle, bike, bike, climb, walking, jogging, train, outdoor

- You do not have to the touch your gadget to check time.

- For deep sleep!

- You need not open your eyes throughout sleep. (heal the insomnia)

- You can modify speaking textual content. (Do it! yourself)

- Your cellphone put into your pocket or bag, it by no means tell you until you take out it.

- It has battery saving mode.(in the inactivated time, service isn't working)

- throughout in-call; choose converse low volume or not communicate.

- regulate quantity for this apps or system settings.

- out there converse even in the silent mode.

- out there converse even in the vibe mode.

- available notification icon disappear or not

- obtainable set energetic time

- obtainable set the google tts engine.

- use blind, vision

(person who's visually impaired,... outdated man, senior, eyes on surgical procedure, disabled particular person )

*** this app does not gather any personal information. ****

(**Speaking loading time might range relying on the producer or the gadgets..**)

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