Sober Time - Sober Day Counter Clean Time Clock

Sober Time - Sober Day Counter Clean Time Clock

By Sociosoftware

Sober Time - Sober Day Counter Clean Time ClockSober Time - Sober Day Counter Clean Time ClockSober Time - Sober Day Counter Clean Time ClockSober Time - Sober Day Counter Clean Time ClockSober Time - Sober Day Counter Clean Time Clock

Sober Time is a sober day counter with a built-in community that tracks how long you've been clear and sober.

Start or continue your sober recovery journey: Sober Time's sober day counter is helping hundreds of recovering addicts recover from serious addictions like substance abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse or smoking.

Put the ability of sobriety back in your arms by tracking your addictions in a wonderful and chic sobriety counter.


✔ Sober day counter and sobriety tracker

✔ Vibrant and energetic sober community

✔ Track as many addictions as you want

✔ Daily motivational messages

✔ Tracks money saved

✔ Goals and milestones

✔ Relapse statistics

✔ Share your progress

✔ Fully customizable

Why this sober app works

At the core of sobriety is motivation and a support construction. You'll stay motivated with daily messages, targets and easily watching your sobriety counter tick by. The built-in community provides a lot needed human connection, allowing you to share and study from people with years or even a long time on their sobriety clock.

This sober app is your personal sober companion. It goes where you go and retains your clean time counter close to heart.

Our community

Sober Time has a devoted neighborhood page where you'll find a way to learn or talk about anything associated to sobriety. Read via the stories of others, ask questions, share your sobriety counter or simply focus on life in restoration. Thousands of members offer useful advice on how to cease ingesting.

Besides the clean time counter, sober restoration is the important thing and core motivation behind the group. Anyone can be part of and contribute. See what others have mentioned about matters like ingesting and alcoholism, substance abuse or drug abuse. Add your personal story and spread the sobriety.

Discuss issues like alcohol, substance abuse or just share your sober day counter.

Make progress and keep it

✔ Keep observe of each dependancy by organising a person sobriety clock

✔ Work in the path of the built-in clear time targets or set your own

✔ Track statistics, spending habits and savings of addictions you are trying to quit

✔ Full-featured sobriety counter with a sobriety tracker clock

✔ Summarize the time you have been sober down to the second

✔ See how a lot money you have saved

Stay motivated and inspired

✔ Motivational messages and quotes

✔ Interact with an active community

✔ Daily notifications hold you on the trail of sober recovery

✔ Notifications whenever you reach a clean time counter goal

✔ Share your progress with associates and family

✔ Talk about your alcohol habit or drug abuse in a safe community environment and stop drinking

✔ Use the progress on your sobriety clock as motivation when things get difficult

Manage your addictions

✔ Track each of your addiction's clean time separately

✔ Customize each dependancy with a special sobriety counter, backgrounds, icons and headings

✔ Track any habit within the sobriety clock: medication, alcohol, substance abuse, cigarettes (less severe ones like fast food or TV too)

With Sober Time you probably can track your sobriety and keep motivated wherever you are. Quit consuming alcohol(if you undergo from alcoholism), smoking or another habit. It has a number of show choices, a powerful sobriety clock and counters, customizable messages and the power to telephone your sponsor or contact on the push of a button.

You can use it to give up smoking or stop ingesting alcohol. Stop smoking by monitoring how long you could have been clear from cigarettes.

The main objective of Sober Time is to help recovering nameless addicts and alcoholics recuperate from their addictions or stop ingesting. Most usually it's used to trace how lengthy addicts have give up consuming, been clean from narcotics, medication, smoking cigarettes or other addictions.

Get Sober Time now to take management of your addictions, get well and maintain on to your sobriety!

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