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Rave GuardianRave GuardianRave GuardianRave Guardian

Rave Guardian is one of the best ways to enhance your private security by leveraging those you trust to be your personal personal security community. Rave Guardian offers rapid and proactive communication with your organization. Guardian is completely configured by the organization(s) you are related to to make connecting in times of disaster or just plain confusion easy and simple.

Easy 2 step sign-up course of for most individuals.

Rave Guardian permits you to do the following(depending on what your collaborating organization allows):

• Text together with your organization in real time

• Send in nameless tips

• Deliver a rich profile of data to safety officials

• Share location info with safety official throughout an emergency call

• Quick entry to safety or important telephone numbers

• Robust sources selected by your organization for convenience

• If you allow Guardian, you'll have the ability to obtain important notification based mostly in your location.

If you allow Rave Guardian, you presumably can obtained push notifications related to on-going occasions in your area.

If you want to customise Rave Guardian for your campus or office, contact us at [email protected]


• Rave Guardian requires a connection to a mobile community knowledge connection.

• Continued use of GPS operating within the background can decrease battery life.

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