Schindler myPORT

Schindler myPORT

By Schindler Aufzuege AG

Schindler myPORTSchindler myPORTSchindler myPORT

myPORT lets you achieve access to and subsequent transportation through any building where the Schindler PORT Technology Transit Management has been installed. The nature of the access obtainable is dependent in your particular rights in relation to the actual building being entered.

Launching myPORT will display the obtainable floors and touching one will direct the user to the elevator greatest positioned to take them there.

When a restricted entry system is installed then the myPORT app will solely work if the user is particularly approved to enter the building but will then allow a seamless transit from level of entry to level of destination. This approved person can then use numerous different useful options similar to visitor management which allows people with out the myPORT app to gain entry for a specific function.

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