Mood Tracker Journal -MoodJour

Mood Tracker Journal -MoodJour

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Mood Tracker Journal -MoodJourMood Tracker Journal -MoodJourMood Tracker Journal -MoodJourMood Tracker Journal -MoodJourMood Tracker Journal -MoodJour

What makes MoodJour a singular Mood Tracker and Journal Bullet?

1. Private and 100% protected mood tracker

2. Access offline identical to a diary journal with lock. Needs no login.

3. Add limitless moods and self care activity to temper tracker

4. Add individuals to your temper journal and correlate your mental health

5. Track self-improvement with graphs and charts of your mood-tracker

6. Analyse the correlation of activities to your temper and mental health

7. Backup your diary journal to your private Google drive and restore on any phone

8. Track streaks of journaling and mood tracking

9. Lock your secret journal diary with password

Moodjour is your self care app and can be utilized every day as Mood Tracker, Journal, Diary with lock and Activity tracker app.

MoodJour is your mental health tracker that brings anxiousness relief and control over feelings.

Using mood-tracker day by day takes you on a journey of self-care and self-improvement.

Track mood, log daily activities, tag folks, and add notes to preserve your life journey in daily journal bullet format.

Mood jour may help you attain good psychological well being by being your Mood Tracker, Emotion tracker, Self-harm tracker, Relationship Tracker.

MoodJour can additionally be a strong journal bullet. You can add notes and pictures to any mood entry and that transforms app into a secret diary journal, gratitude journal, or mood journal.

Mood jour can be your self care companion in many types:-

1. Mood Tracker: Track 5 mother or father moods and unlimited emotions in your mood diary log. Daily emotion tracker helps you overcome negativity in your path of self love journey. Choose from many emoticons and completely different temper colour scheme. Good temper monitoring and unhealthy mood journaling are equally straightforward in free temper tracker.

2. Journal Bullet: Create your every day journal diary with notes and images. MoodJour captures yours self-care journey in an attractive timeline view grouped by temper from day one.

3. Mental Health Tracker: Track activities and other people impact on your mental health, feelings and moods. Analysis of your mood-tracker and journal helps you in nervousness relief. MoodJour helps in managing despair, adhd, bipolar moods with its self care tracker from day one.

4. Self Harm Tracker: By exhibiting correlation between related activity, folks and mood, you presumably can avoid self-harm triggers. Mood tracker can easily rework into your symptom tracker diary by creating customized activity and moods. You journey of self-improvement begins now.

5. Gratitude Journal: Gratitude and self love brings positivity in life. Journaling about gratitude and self care helps you battle stress, anxiety and negativity from day one with Mood-Tracker.

6. Private Diary: Mood jour is a very private journal with lock and temper tracker. All your information stays in your cellphone. Self care and journaling would not get safer than this.

7. Self Care app: Self love is essential for good mental well being. Analyse your activities and people in your life to grasp what make you happy and unhappy. Follow your journey of self-improvement on self care tracker.

Free tier of MoodJour Mood Tracker app permits to track limitless moods and journal notes at no cost. Users can join MoodJour professional by paying month-to-month or yearly subscription.

MoodJour Pro members enjoy further advantages of:-

1. Add more than 3 actions to a mood entry of temper tracker

2. Unlock all evaluation and graphs for correlation between mood, activity and people

3. Unlock premium activity icons, emoticons and colors

4. Backup mood tracker and all your diary journal to Google Drive

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