Addition Substraction Games

Addition Substraction Games

By George George

Addition Substraction GamesAddition Substraction GamesAddition Substraction GamesAddition Substraction GamesAddition Substraction Games

This recreation is enjoyable to play at any age, from kindergarten to retirement.

The game works offline and doesn't require any permission.

Solve easy mathematical puzzles, creating equations with numbers, addition and subtraction to find a way to get the right answer within the middle. When users create the correct equation, it's going to transfer into the empty spaces on the blackboard.

Connect numbers and operators by dragging the finger between them to create the arithmetic equations to match the outcome in the center.

There are 5 problem levels that increase the results of the equation and the number of components out there to create the equations.

This sport is to create simple arithmetic equations by swiping (like when you create a word recreation by connecting letters,) as a substitute this sport creates a mathematical equation to match the outcome on the green rectangle in the center.

This sport is on the market to play offline, with none internet connection. It only needs on-line access to obtain new ranges once in a while.

I hope you enjoy this sport, and please give good evaluations for this app.

If you wish to help the developer, share the game together with your friends and family on social media sites and let everybody have some fun.

Have fun enjoying this game!


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