Solfeggio Frequencies Meditate

Solfeggio Frequencies Meditate

By Self Healing

Solfeggio Frequencies MeditateSolfeggio Frequencies MeditateSolfeggio Frequencies MeditateSolfeggio Frequencies MeditateSolfeggio Frequencies Meditate

This is Chakras balancing and guided meditation app, mindfulness music for meditation, relaxation and sleep with solfeggio tones, Binaural Beats, Tibetan Singing Bowls and Yoga music.

Vibration is every little thing. And each vibration has its own frequency. By exposing the mind and body to the Solfeggio frequencies and Binaural beats, you'll find a way to easily obtain a larger sense of balance and deep healing. The Solfeggio frequencies align you with the rhythms and tones that type the basis of the Universe.

The app incorporates of:

(*) chakra opening and balancing program that should assist you to to enhance

your physique and thoughts power move and improve your feeling and pondering

process, enhance Prana energy move via the chakra, by Kundalini Yoga


Guided meditation section that covers many matters :

(*) Guided Sleep Meditations.

(*) Guided Meditations For Anxiety.

(*) Guided Meditations For Health.

(*) Intention and affirmations Guided Meditations.

(*) Mood And Problem Solving Meditations.

(*) Spiritual Awakening Meditations.

It also incorporates Binaural Beats meditation pack:

(*) Delta waves - Binaural mind waves for deep sleep, ache relief anti aging and healing.

(*) Theta waves - Binaural Beats for REM sleep, deep rest, meditation and creativity.

(*) Alpha waves - Brain waves for relaxed focus, stress reduction, optimistic pondering and quick


(*) Beta waves - Binaural Beats for targeted attention, cognitive pondering, problem solving

and energetic state.

(*) Gamma waves - Brain waves for high-level congnition, memory recall, peak consciousness.

Seven chakras balancing solfeggio tones included in the application:

(*) Muladhara meditation - 396 Hz , pink colour , root chakra.

(*) Svadhisthana meditation - 417 Hz , orange colour , sacral chakra.

(*) Manipura meditation - 528 Hz , yellow shade , solar plexus chakra.

(*) Anahata meditation - 639 Hz , inexperienced shade , coronary heart chakra.

(*) Vishuddha meditation - 741 Hz , blue colour , throat chakra.

(*) Ajna meditation - 852 Hz , purple colour , third eye chakra.

(*) Sahasrara meditation - 963 Hz , violette color , crown chakra.

Alpha and Beta waves , Binaural beats for deeper and more practical meditation.

Relaxing sound of a nature:

(*) Sea sound

(*) River sound

(*) Forest sound

(*) Rain sound

(*) Rire sound

This utility makes use of mixture of mindfulness meditation music for Yoga practice with solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats and Tibetan singing bowls.

You choose frequencies and relaxation music or guide meditation in accordance with your targets and needs, for instance you'll find a way to choose meditation music for falling asleep and alpha waves binaural beats to sluggish brain exercise and prepare your mind for sleep and rest, or you can enhance brain activity and focus, by listening to beta waves frequency and music for psychological concentration.

The combination of Solfeggio meditative tones with meditation music and brain waves is powerful device to take care of many psycho emotional conditions.

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