Magyar AnySoftKeyboard

Magyar AnySoftKeyboard

By MobiWIA Kft.

Magyar AnySoftKeyboardMagyar AnySoftKeyboardMagyar AnySoftKeyboardMagyar AnySoftKeyboardMagyar AnySoftKeyboard

Hungarian keyboard format and dictionary for AnySoftKeyboard. WARNING! This is an add-on that solely works with the unique program. Not on its own!

Installation instructions beneath. READ !!!

(Hungarian layouts and dictionary enlargement pack for AnySofKeyboard.)


- QWERTZ and QWERTY layouts are also supported

- Settings can be easily accessed by pressing and holding the line feed button

may be retrieved by pressing ü, o, u, i twice, or selected from the pop-up window after an extended press

lengthy presses

- physical keyboards are also supported: oo = ó, ooo = ö, oooo = õ (milestone, chacha)

- the dictionary is the same as the openoffice dictionary (conjugations unfortunately can't)

- dictionary growth: maintain the new phrase in the suggestion line for up to 2 seconds

- pill optimized keyboard in panorama mode

- two finger zoom gesture to distribute the panorama keyboard (on a tablet)

- experimental format (YASEKU) which is the finger minimizes movement based on frequent fonts in Hungarian words.

- it's a good suggestion to look at your keyboard settings * carefully * because there's a lot to adjust



This program does NOT work on its own. You must first install the AnySoftKeyboard primary program, which could be found here:

After this:

- Go to Android Settings and select Language

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