By Andreas Maschke


This app brings the magic of flame fractals to your phone!

It comes with both the fractal evolution module MutaG and the interactive renderer IR, as known from the total JWildfire application, to your Android-capable device!

JWildfire is a really comprehensive software program suite to both construct and render flame fractals (end even create films of them).

In quick, flame fractals are an extension to classical IFS (iterated perform systems) and were invented by Scott Draves. They are succesful to create an infinite range of fascinating organic shapes. You may already know classical fern- or flower-like shapes, however there are just about no limits. You can create trees, gems, demons, oceans, faces, pottery, ... you'll typically be stunned by your own creations!

With this app you shall be able to create unique flame fractals by playing with the MutaG module. You can begin with modifying considered one of 60 the gorgeous flame fractals that are included, and then later continue to modify your individual creations. Share your renderings with your folks and amaze your girlfriend with an unique valentine fractal!

With the paid app you can export the formulas of your creations to have the power to

render wallpapers, post-edit them using the full-fledged editor and even render artworks suited for print in extreme high quality. All you will want, is a decent personal pc and the complete JWildfire application which is completely free and runs on any main platforms.

There aren't any hidden costs at all. The whole full application is totally free and you should use it without this app, of course.

The only price ist simply to unlock to function of exporting your flames from this app, the PNG export can also be included in the free app.


- full-fledged JWildfire-compatible flame renderer, even if not all features could additionally be uncovered, this renderer is even in a place to render flames with Pseudo3D-shading enabled, but this will likely take a while ;-)

- Flame library with 60 beautiful instance flames able to be play with (some of them are even unfinished material yet). You can lengthen the flame library with your own work.

- MutaGen3x3 module to create endless mutations of flame fractals utilizing the powerful mutation mills identified from the JWildfire software

- MutaGen5x5 module to create even more complex mutations

- Interactive renderer with the power to export rendered pictures as PNG

- Flame gallery with some beautiful work made by myself to point out what is possible with flame fractals

- Ability to export flames (only within the purchased app) via email to find a way to render your flames in any high quality you want later (using the complete and free JWildfire software for private computers).

Upgrading: Be cautious: If you improve any model, you could unfastened your private flames. So please export (eventually as image) all your stuff which issues, before doing any update.

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