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Home Boxing Training Workouts

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Home Boxing Training WorkoutsHome Boxing Training WorkoutsHome Boxing Training WorkoutsHome Boxing Training WorkoutsHome Boxing Training Workouts

BOXTASTIC - The Boxing Training Workouts App For The Heavy Bag To Get Fit Lose Weight

Boxtastic is the best boxing app for boxing exercises on the punch bag or when shadow boxing. A nice HIIT training program to match your stage, you needs.

Your Virtual Trainer will name punch combos so that you just can throw, just like any professional boxing gym. Improve your health, lose weight or practice your punching skills through Boxtastic workouts that can be customised to suit your wants completely.

We have many workouts for you to choose:

Ultimate Boxer: Generates a random boxing bout every time. Punches called between 1-7 seconds, Exercise command referred to as between 5-20 seconds to duplicate the fatigue of a boxer.

Boxing 1: Random punch combinations known as to set the center racing keep the mind centered.

Boxing 2: Traditional, fastened punches that boxers follow daily in the gym to hone their fundamental skills.

Real Fight: 16 totally different bouts. You throw the very same punches at the very same time because the boxer did in his real fight. Choose fights from Joshua, Ali, Gatti, Hagler and even the Italian Stallion ... plus extra.

Boxercise: HIIT boxercise exercise.

Example Videos

How Boxers Use Boxtastic: https://youtu.be/Rfrv77RXqEY

Boxing Example: https://youtu.be/MedznnBSaeg

Boxercise Workout: https://youtu.be/Uy3FaZFGdK0

Train Like A Pro, Feel Like A Champ!

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