Amblyopia Games for Kids

Amblyopia Games for Kids


Amblyopia Games for KidsAmblyopia Games for KidsAmblyopia Games for KidsAmblyopia Games for KidsAmblyopia Games for Kids

Amblyopia Games for Kids is a set of interesting and easy mini-games used in the treatment of amblyopia.

The most necessary factor contributing to the improvement of imaginative and prescient in the lazy eye is the use of particular colours in the sport, so that each eye can see totally different elements. For the sport to achieve success, each eyes must work collectively and your child ought to play with 3D glasses. This is a confirmed method for developing missing connections to the amblyopic eye, which leads to the development of binocular imaginative and prescient.

During such training, the eyes work really intensively. That's why we created video games which are appropriate and fascinating for the youngest kids, to encourage them to play.


- Games are easy and intuitive, suitable for kids from 3 years of age. Smaller youngsters can play for only a few minutes to not get discouraged because it's a really intense coaching.

- The major characters of the video games are animals that every baby likes!

- Standard red and blue 3D glasses are sufficient to efficiently use the therapy.

This software can be used by :

- youngsters with no visual problem

- youngsters with useful amblyopia, resulting from robust difference in visual acuity between the 2 eyes (anisometropia)

This application isn't a medical gadget. We suggest to seek the guidance of periodically with an eye doctor and a vision therapist.

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