Medita - Meditations in Polish

Medita - Meditations in Polish

By Mobio Ltd

Medita - Meditations in PolishMedita - Meditations in Polish

Medita - meditation in Polish is a cellular software for guided meditation in Polish.

Research reveals that regular meditation practice has a generally positive effect on a person's health and well-being. Proven benefits include secure immunity, improved focus and effectiveness, psychological stability, and deep and restorative sleep. People also report improvements in emotional stability and interpersonal relationships.

Research continues into the constructive results of meditation on the immune system and vitality. There has been a constructive effect in persistent ache and in situations related to elevated levels of stress and depression.

Just 10 minutes a day is enough to really feel the benefits!

The content of the applying is divided into the following classes:

• 6 days with Medita bonus meditation - FREE starter pack

• Positive Vibrations

• Careful Care

• Body Scanner

• Relaxing

• Awareness

Having a timer offers you the power to meditate by yourself and gradually extend your exercise time.

The app permits you to observe your personal statistics - when and for a way lengthy you meditated, as properly as the sessions you had.

We offer paid subscriptions that provide you with access to all available and future meditations.

You can manage or cancel your subscription in your Google Play settings or Apple App Store.

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