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Wake Up WellWake Up WellWake Up WellWake Up WellWake Up Well

Transform your Android Wear watch right into a smart alarm clock that permits you to get up properly.

Wake up alert and in the best mood!

Can’t keep in mind the final time you awakened recent and energised? Are you stuck in an infinite cycle of sleeping via or ignoring your alarm clock?

Based on maximising the science of sleep, Wake Up Well has been designed to wake you up on the optimum time. Unlike the standard alarm clock, which works to wake you up at a selected time, Wake Up Well wakes you up gently with vibrations on the optimum time – when you’re rested, relaxed and in REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep.

What is REM?

REM Sleep was identified by sleep researchers as a phase in sleep during which an individual sleeps frivolously. It happens throughout various occasions throughout sleep; one of the final instances it happens is near morning. It is said that during REM, the mind activity behaves much like the brain activity throughout hours you are awake.

How it works

Wake Up Well detects the optimum time to wake you up. When utilizing alarm clocks, most people’s bodies aren't but ready or nonetheless in deep sleep. Notice that when you wake through your alarm clock’s command you’re often groggy, have a cloudy mind and lacking in energy? That’s as a outcome of your body is still in deep sleep. With Wake Up Well, you’re gently awoken throughout REM – when your mind is more energetic and your body is naturally ‘waking up’.

Wake Up Well detects your slight movements throughout REM and in the ‘wake up window’ you set. It is during this time Wake Up Well screens when to wake you up.

Start the day with extra power with Wake Up Well.


- improves your sleep

- assists in improving your mood

- lets you wake up contemporary, animated and more energised

- uses vibrations to wake you so your associate isn’t disturbed

- particularly designed for Android put on watches

- operational on the watch solely, no Smartphone needed

- detect best wakeup time

- repeating alarms (Premium only)

- wakes up on the almost awake moments

- exhibits wake up display screen immediately

- helps all Android put on watches

- set wake up time immediately on the watch

- set a get up window in which it wakes up at the most effective time relating to sleep part (Premium only)

- configurable snooze time

- configurable alarm set reminder

In-app Products:

- Premium: Unlock repeated alarms and adjust the get up window

- Donation

To set an alarm first open Wake Up Well on your watch. Touch New alarm, then scroll to the time you should wake up. This is the newest time the alarm will go off.

Swipe to the right for options. The wake up window will determine the earliest time the alarm will wake you up - based on your sleep sample. After setting your get up window swipe to the best once more and contact the times you need the identical alarm to repeat. If you want just a single use alarm don't contact any days. Once you might have finished setting your alarm, swipe left to return to the unique display and swipe once more to receive a affirmation window.

Use the ‘Wake Up Well’ Comlication on new Watch Faces to show the next alarm time.

The frames of the watches within the display photographs are licensed beneath Creative Commons: http://wakeupwell.pete.ch/cc-attribution.txt