By Rein Onlein


Quitting smoking is a high achievement. Every cigarette you don't smoke is a challenge, and every time you succeed is a victory. And those victories over your self should be celebrated. This app will assist you to with that! 100% free, always optimistic and without know-it-all nagging.

Based on the smoking habit you specified, this app continuously calculates every kind of nice statistics for you:

- How tall am I you stopped

- How many cigarettes did you not smoke

- How many packs were that

- How much cash did you save

- How much time were you not smoking now

- How does your health improve once you quit

Etcetera, and whenever you unlock achievements in your beautiful milestones you get an encouraging each time congratulation. Nice, is not it?

In the future, this app shall be expanded even additional, for instance with experiences from individuals who have stopped. A bit like my different app: Alcohol Freedom. That app was my inspiration for this app, and at the similar time for hundreds of different individuals to quit alcohol.

Would this motivational approach additionally help with smoking? You can say it!

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