Parkinson #39;s Cognitive Research

Parkinson #39;s Cognitive Research

By CogniFit Inc

Parkinson #39;s Cognitive ResearchParkinson #39;s Cognitive ResearchParkinson #39;s Cognitive ResearchParkinson #39;s Cognitive ResearchParkinson #39;s Cognitive Research

This app is designed for people who want to take part in scientific research associated to the cognitive signs associated with Parkinson’s.

People living with Parkinson's illness (PD), in addition to probably the most attribute signs of the disease, similar to tremors or gradual movement, are vulnerable to struggling cognitive changes that have an result on their daily lives.

People residing with Parkinson's illness may be affected by varied alterations of their cognitive skills. This app is used to research the following aspects related to this dysfunction: Focused consideration, Visual Perception, Recognition, Short-Term Memory, Short-Term Visual Memory, Denomination, Working Memory, Cognitive Flexibility, Planning, Response Time, and Processing Speed.


This software is designed to promote scientific research by offering digital tools which assist in the cognitive analysis and therapy of people living with cognitive symptoms related to Parkinson’s. Parkinson's - Cognitive Research is an instrument for the scientific neighborhood and universities around the world.

To participate in research specializing in analysis and cognitive stimulation associated to Parkinson’s, obtain the APP and experience probably the most advanced digital instruments that are being developed by researchers around the globe.

This app is for analysis functions only and doesn't declare to diagnose or deal with Parkinson’s. Further research is required to draw conclusions.

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