Baby Sleep - White Noise

Baby Sleep - White Noise

By Maple Media

Baby Sleep - White NoiseBaby Sleep - White NoiseBaby Sleep - White NoiseBaby Sleep - White NoiseBaby Sleep - White Noise

Babies love white noise. They have spent 9 months in the fairly loud womb so they are used to noise. Background white noise is definitely calming in your child and resembles the sort of sounds that he would hear within the womb.

The app accommodates great choice of soothing white noise and lullabies. It has a simple timer that saves your battery. In addition to that it contains calming shh-shhhh sounds recorded by mother and father. The app does not require web connection so you should use wherever you may be.

Why to make use of white noise apps?

★ White noise reduces stress in babies

★ White noise helps babies to sleep

★ White noise helps infants to cry less

★ White noise will help YOU to sleep better

The app contains following sounds:

★ Rain ★ Forest ★ Ocean ★ Wind ★ River ★ Night ★ Fire ★ Heart ★ Car ★ Train ★ Plane ★ Washing machine ★ Vacuum cleaner ★ Clock ★ Fan ★ Radio ★ Hair dryer ★ Shower ★ White Noise ★ Brown Noise ★ Pink Noise ★ 4 gentle lullabies

Enjoy the app!

Support email: [email protected]

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