By WeFitness


Whether is for submitting your qualifier exercises or to keep observe of your progress, WeTime is the last word video timing platform.

-Every sort of timer that you would attainable need.

-Clear timer displayed in minutes, seconds and milliseconds… as a outcome of every millisecond counts!

-Add your HR in real-time to your movies with Polar, Whoop and Bluetooth enabled HR displays. Your HR zones will be saved on the app to additional understand your performance.

-Create video links on WeTime. You won't need to upload your movies wherever else to compete online!

-Concept2 integration. Connect your WeTime app to a BikeErg, RowErg or SkiErg

-Create workouts and share them together with your followers and fans

-Compare videos, analyze your performance and discover ways to get better

-The Library: 1000 exercises with pre-set timers able to be tested

-Add logos to your videos