SYNBIO (diet to your size)

SYNBIO (diet to your size)


SYNBIO (diet to your size)SYNBIO (diet to your size)SYNBIO (diet to your size)SYNBIO (diet to your size)SYNBIO (diet to your size)

SYNBIO is an app that puts you on the best path to take control of your weight. You will be adopted up by specialised nutritionist who will offer you a customized food regimen program which is made based mostly on the specifics of your case.

We are proud in SYNBIO that we've helped more than 50,000 prospects to achieve their goals and attain to their ideal weight through our diet facilities in MENA region.

Since 2007 our dietitians have designed greater than 600,000 personalized diet programs and helped thousands of consumers to take care of the weight problems and achieve a balanced life fashion.

In SYNBIO we glance into the underlining causes of every case, we take heed to our customer and understand their needs and then we use our long experience to place them into the best food regimen plan.

We will maintain following up with you even after your reach to your goal. In SYNBIO, the aim is to achieve a long run balanced life type not to enable the shopper to take management of his weight.

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