By Skiily LLC


Sungazer will allow you to profit from the ancient artwork of Sungazing.

Sungazing is a way to benefit from the energies of the sun. Scientists and researchers disagree if sungazing and solar therapeutic is definitely helpful, or entirely protected. Sungazer goals to educate you on the potential risks, and supply simple guidelines on how to maximize your safety when you select to observe the traditional artwork of solar healing.

Track the Sunrise and Sunset

Sungazer will show you how lengthy you've until the sunrise and the sunset in your current location so as to prepare to start sungazing. Sungazer additionally reveals the safe zones during which it's inspired you sungaze. In a easy to understand interface, you will note precisely how lengthy until the subsequent solar event is as soon as you open the app.

Receive Notifications

Most folks don't memorize when sunrise and sundown is, so permit Sungazer to notify you when the times draw close to to have the ability to cease what you are doing, and mentally and bodily prepare. You may be notified of each the sunrise/sunset, as well as the secure zones after/before each to find a way to optimally gaze.

Track Gazing Durations

Everybody has totally different tolerances for sungazing. Beginners will want to start at a really quick period, whereas superior gazers might choose to begin at a for much longer period. Sungazer permits you to click on a simple button in the course of the protected zone and begin a countdown that you can gaze throughout. At the tip of the countdown your phone will sound an alarm which is ready to function your reminder to stop sungazing and wait till tomorrow to proceed.

As you employ the app extra Sungazer will automatically improve the period you're suggested to sungaze for each day as a lot as the utmost recommended amount.

Disclaimer: The security and benefits of sungazing is closely disputed. Sungazer makes no attempt to cover this. Sungazer goals to educate you so you could make your personal choices. You are additionally inspired to do your personal independent research online so you can understand the risks and potential benefits.