LIFE Intermittent Fasting

LIFE Intermittent Fasting

By LifeOmic

LIFE Intermittent FastingLIFE Intermittent FastingLIFE Intermittent FastingLIFE Intermittent FastingLIFE Intermittent Fasting

Sustainably shed pounds and improve your health with intermittent fasting. Our intermittent fasting tracker is designed to simply monitor your fasts and maintain you accountable to your health objectives. LIFE Fasting has helped hundreds of thousands of users shed pounds, control blood sugar, scale back inflammation, and lead healthier lives.

The LIFE Fasting Tracker works with any type of consuming - whether it’s keto, vegetarian, paleo, plant-based, intuitive consuming, or some other food regimen. Stop specializing in energy and reset your physique with intermittent fasting. The LIFE fasting tracker and timer makes it easy to watch your fasts and enhance your well being.

Easy-to-use intermittent fasting tracker with a built-in neighborhood and access to professional steerage. Start, stop, and edit fasts shortly and easily. Track your progress over time and see your outcomes with powerful visualizations.

Over 50% of LIFE app customers lost 5% of their beginning weight in simply 6 months - and so they kept it off!

Includes in-app learning library with research-based articles and suggestions for newbie, skilled intermittent fasters, and fasters working towards a keto or paleo food regimen - for free!

Featured on Good Morning America, USA Today, Men’s Health, PopSugar, and more, LIFE Fasting is the top-rated intermittent fasting tracker.

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is a metabolic health intervention that always includes a day by day cycle of fasting and feeding with the objective of elevating ketone ranges, shown to enhance physique and mind perform. Different approaches to intermittent fasting embrace:

• Alternate day fasting: Involves eating fewer than 500 calories every other day.

• 5:2 Approach: Involves two quick days of fewer than 500 energy per week

• Time-restricted feeding: Involves consuming within a slim 8-10 hour window each day

What are the advantages of intermittent fasting?

• Sustainable weight loss

• Improved weight management

• Reduced inflammation

• Improved lipid levels and coronary heart health

• Improved blood sugar control

• Improved insulin sensitivity

• Increased mobile recycling (autophagy)

Why should I use the LIFE Fasting Tracker Timer?

• Simple, easy-to-use interface to quickly start and cease fasts.

• Easily track your intermittent fasting status, mood, and share your progress.

• Helpful visualizations of your health information over time to trace your progress and mood.

• Track your records and metrics for added motivation.

• Supports any time restricted eating to the hour. Including: sixteen:8, 24 hours, OMAD, 5:2, alternate day or extended fasts.

• Fast along with your friends! Join Fasting Circles to challenge, encourage and hold each other accountable.

• Research-backed intermittent fasting health articles added weekly.

• Track your weight, waist measurements, glucose, and ketones.

• Automatically import information from Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, Oura Ring, BIOSENSE breath ketone meter, Keto Mojo and different gadgets.

• Apple Watch assist. Start and cease your fasts out of your watch!

• Integrates with HealthKit to routinely import weight, ketones and other data from the Health app.

Join the LIFE Fasting community for an additional dose of motivation and encouragement:

• Beginner social circle - excellent for brand spanking new intermittent fasters to connect and study.

• In-app library with research-backed articles.

• Videos - from yoga to associate HIIT workouts.

• Visualize your well being progress on account of fasting.

• In-app health assessments provide highly effective insights.

Take your fasting to the following level. Try LIFE ! For only $2.99 per month, unlock the total features of the app:

• Create customized fasting weekly schedule or choose from in style routines.

• Handy eating window timer.

• Notifications when it’s time to start out and finish your fast take the guesswork out of your schedule!

• Access to extended monthly and yearly intermittent fasting history and ketosis views.

• Display ketone measurements and ketosis states throughout the fasting arc.

• Track your weight loss progress with photographs.

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