CFast - Fasting Food Tracker

CFast - Fasting Food Tracker

By Ki2 Healthy Diet Services

CFast - Fasting Food TrackerCFast - Fasting Food TrackerCFast - Fasting Food TrackerCFast - Fasting Food TrackerCFast - Fasting Food Tracker

With this CFast app you'll find a way to limit your day by day calorie with the help of intermittent fasting. Let's understand how?

As we know whereas intermittent fasting we skip our one meal like breakfast or dinner. So should you skip one meal which means you are going to eat less. This app allow you to to remind meal that have to skipped day by day and it also remind you in the 5:2 and 6:1 Intermittent fasting.

So why calorie counter? Actually calorie counter will allow you to to keep away from overeating. Calorie counter will help you to eat inside day by day calorie objective.

Benefits of calorie counter with Fasting

-Avoid over eating

-You can full low calorie goal like 600-800 calories

-Recipes available for full your low calorie goal.


-6:1 - 6 Days Eating and 1 day Fasting with 600-800 calories objective.

-5:2 - 5 Days Eating and a pair of day Fasting with 600-800 energy aim.

- 4:3 - 4 Days Eating and three day Fasting with 600-800 calories objective.

- 3:4 - 3 Days Eating and 4 day Fasting with 600-800 calories aim.

- Skip Breakfast - Skip breakfast fasting

- Skip Dinner - Skip Dinner Fasting

CFast Features-

● Food planner macro tracker

● No Coach Needed

● Calorie counter meals tracker with all nutrients

● Meal planner - eat wholesome meals from delicious recipes for any plan

● Step tracker - keep on prime of your health health

● Browse a big meals database

● Create customized foods and meals

● Keep monitor of your weight and progress over time

● Easily maintain track of your water intake

CALORIE COUNTER CALORIE TRACKER:- Calculate you daily calorie goal and observe daily calorie with this app and really feel more healthy. Count or monitor your day by day calorie with respect to your day by day aim.

RECIPES MEAL PLANNER:- There are millions of Food and recipe available for meal planner. CFast app will recommend you low fats recipe, High protein, low carbs recipe for meal planner with all nutrients.

HEALTH TRACKER FOOD PLANNER:- Step tracker, exercise tracker, Calorie counter food diary options will help you observe your day by day nutritional values at a look.

FOOD DIARY, FOOD TRACKER MACRO TRACKER :- It’s very straightforward with macro tracker - will help you achieve the best sort of vitamins with the macro calculator.

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