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Bupa Arabia Bupa ArabiaBupa Arabia Bupa ArabiaBupa Arabia Bupa ArabiaBupa Arabia Bupa ArabiaBupa Arabia Bupa Arabia

Offering you all our services in one app for your consolation and comfort:

Submit a declare in 3 easy steps

Keep your digital card handy wherever you go

View your community map and receive instructions through Google map

See your and your family’s benefits and consumption

Manage your Electronic Health Records and receive your prescriptions, Lab reports…etc.

Live Chat with our agents and Tebtom Doctors

Enjoy life-touching healthcare services with Tebtom Program*:

Stress-free home services in the palm of your hands, Medication Refill (pick up or delivery), Home Labs, and Home Vaccinations (child or seasonal)

Get an International Second Medical Opinion (ISMO)

Woman’s Health - Speak with a female Tebtom Doctor to get insights on maternity, childcare… and extra

Building your digital Health Profile

Viewing all your medical, way of life, wellness, and mental wellbeing information in your interactive dashboard

Tracking all requests in your Calendar and Timeline

Introducing our Telehealth Platform*:

Book an appointment for physical consultations with main providers

Book your virtual consultation and connect with Sanar Doctors within the consolation of your home

*Please note that companies are subject to your policy community and scheme.

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