Boxing Timer (Training Timer)

Boxing Timer (Training Timer)


Boxing Timer (Training Timer)Boxing Timer (Training Timer)Boxing Timer (Training Timer)Boxing Timer (Training Timer)Boxing Timer (Training Timer)

# Through steady updating, the user's needs were reflected.(such as pill help, background operation, adding preliminary sound)

This app is a timer for boxing practice. You could be set the spherical and coaching time, break time.

Exercise time is displayed pink letters, and break time is green. Between every round, you can set a sound or vibration notification.

You may be obtained the notification info via visual, auditory, tactile.

Ease of use is as follows:

1. The first settings : 12 rounds, Exercise 3 minutes, relaxation 30 seconds.

2. The training time is shown red and the break time is inexperienced.

3. You can use the timer through the button of bottom.

4. The reset button is returned the settings to initialized worth.

5. you could be set the round, train time, break time and notification sort in settings menu.

• This app is essential When you train similar to boxing.

• Boxing Timer may be assist you to, even non-boxing training.

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