Hero Workout

Hero Workout

By Hero Workout GmbH

Hero WorkoutHero WorkoutHero WorkoutHero WorkoutHero Workout

100 workout plans with audio steerage from the best trainers

// new exercises every week

// be guided by your favorite trainers

// TRY it free of charge - no account, no cost needed. No Bullshit!

// made for fitness center exercises, house gyms and in addition bodyweight exercises at home

// HERO Traincasts - interactive training plans make your trainers come to live

// Choose you trainer and workout plan - depending on where you need to go

// for absolute novices, advanced athletes and PROs


Heroes aren't self made. Strength comes from working together and attaining even more. With our “Traincasts” we give you the final exercise buddy at your fingertips - pushing you further than you could ever imagine. One extra rep, one further minute, yet one more workout. Better exercises for higher results- Let’s get to it!


The Hero App gives you access to many exercise plans and trainers on your aspect. They show you what to do and push you through your whole exercise - every train and every rep. Choose your workout plan and begin your exercise together with your trainer next to you.

* ANYWHERE - ANYTIME: Work out in the fitness center, your home fitness center and even at house without tools and weights. Your trainers are all the time prepared that will assist you - does not matter if its 4am or 11pm.

* FOR BEGINNER PROS: Wherever you might be and wherever you need to go - we now have a exercise that gets you closer to your aim. Get an introduction to the machines in your native health club, discover ways to free weight successfully or get to know new techniques from pro bodybuilders to create your own legacy.

* INTERACTIVE: With the (optional) “Hero Band” you'll get real time audio feedback throughout your workout. It is a wearable gadget that is attached to your wrist or ankle. It analyzes your movement and permits the coach to provide you priceless feedback while you are figuring out. Your reps shall be counted and you will learn what you are capable of do better.

We are individuals - not just an app. Talk to us and let us know what trainers and exercises you want to see. We are working for you and with you - to get you where you need to go.

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