Dialing God

Dialing God

By Kabbalah Centre International

Dialing GodDialing GodDialing God

The #1 Kabbalistic meditation and guided prayer app for android is here!

If you throw a penny out of your balcony, you know it's going to finally fall… because of gravity. Like the bodily laws of the universe, there are also spiritual legal guidelines. Revealed to people on the daybreak of time, these laws are as influential in our every day lives as gravity, but they remain hidden to the five senses. The ancient kabbalists have developed a set of instruments to interact with these forces. One of them is Kabbalistic prayer.

The Dialing God™ 2.0 app is the one considered one of its sort in the world. Daily guided prayers are available for each occasion and with you wherever you go..

Here’s what you’ll get:

• “Auto” Be’koach – An enhanced Ana Be’koach experience with the Angels of the Day and Tikkun Ha’nefesh mechanically appear in the appropriate location based on day and month

• English transliterations toggle

• Additional Content from the 2nd Edition of Dialing God™ corresponding to: Meditation for Memory Meditation for Traveling, Prayer after Food and more!

• Your Prayers with you on the go

• Glossary to assist outline our terminology.

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