Paced Breathing

Paced Breathing

By Trex LLC

Paced BreathingPaced BreathingPaced BreathingPaced BreathingPaced Breathing

Paced Breathing helps you enhance your respiratory by giving you visible, audio, and haptic (vibrate) respiratory cues.

This is not simply useful for yoga and meditation, but intense train training too.

Just pick a comfortable start line and start enhancing your breathing!

Included Features:

* Adjustable Session Times (inhale, exhale)

* Ramping Times Up or Down

* Visual, Audio, and Haptic Cues

* Custom Breathing Profiles

* Tons of sound selections, like Binaural beats (use with headphones)

* Breathes Per Minute (BPM) Tracker

In-App Purchases:

* Ad-free upgrade

* Advanced improve, contains:

** unlimited profiles

** further sound (female voice)

** further colour theme (dark)

Prefer a Pro model as a substitute of creating particular person In-App Purchases?

Paced Breathing Pro is the same as this Free model with the Advanced and Ad-Free upgrades already included.




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