HRV Biofeedback

HRV Biofeedback

By Joachim Nohl

HRV BiofeedbackHRV Biofeedback

This app makes use of the camera to measure your heart fee and calculates your heart fee variability.

HRV is an index of activity of the autonomic (vegetative) nervous system.

The higher your HRV, the higher the balloon will fly (biofeedback).

Focus in your vivid heart (and calm breathing) and get an thought what helps you calming down (what makes the balloon rise).

The measurement quality highly depends on correct utilization (your finger should be positioned in a way that the digital camera can clearly see your blood circulate and you must limit the movement of the measured finger pretty a lot as good as you can).

Measuring the HRV right after physical exercise isn't the aim, as the HRV has a special which means for higher heart rates.

The space around the digicam will get heat during measurements. That's normal.

Heart fee variability (HRV) is calculated the following way:

Imaging of bloodflow in your finger is used to create a photoplethysmogram (PPG). With the PPG it then calculates the interbeat interval (IBI), resulting in your heart price (BPM), and - through filtering of artifacts and more calculations - the 'root mean square of successive variations' (RMSSD). While the HRV itself isn't clearly defined as one unit and may be calculated in numerous ways, the RMSSD is the most common methodology.


This isn't a medical app!

If you have any medical problems, please seek the guidance of a medical practitioner and do not make any choices based mostly on the measurements of this app.

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