UP! - Depression, Bipolar Borderline Management

UP! - Depression, Bipolar Borderline Management

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UP! - Depression, Bipolar Borderline ManagementUP! - Depression, Bipolar Borderline ManagementUP! - Depression, Bipolar Borderline ManagementUP! - Depression, Bipolar Borderline ManagementUP! - Depression, Bipolar Borderline Management

UP! is a extremely automated mood diary. Track your private warning indicators of melancholy, mania and hypomania effortlessly when wanted. UP! supports you in maintaining a daily journal of your feelings and habits in the blink of a watch. With UP!, managing, monitoring and analyzing symptoms of bpd, despair and bipolar just grew to become easier.

Your Benefits

• Increases your competencies to distinguish between regular mood swings and disease symptoms.

• Sharpens your competencies to acknowledge early warning indicators.

• Supports you to higher perceive the psychology behind your mood.

• The UP! temper diary is a valuable companion in your psychotherapy.

• Supports a collaborative method to reply on mental health points even better.

Trilogic telemedical setup: Share your temper along with your therapist trusted folks.

• Document your state of mental well being and simply generate reports in regards to the previous 14 and 30 days in PDF-Format. Discuss the mood diary in your remedy. You can print or immediately ship stories using your smartphone.

• Recommend the UP!Doctor internet utility to your psychiatrist. Connect to it through the use of a pairing code. Share data effortlessly.

• Better collectively: Connect with a trusted individual from household associates utilizing the companion app UP! Buddy.

The UP! Community

The UP! mood diary initially was designed for individuals with bipolar I and bipolar II. Also, bipolar people with fast biking and mixed episodes are utilizing the app to doc their state of mental health. UP! is also used by folks with borderline persona disorder (BPD), cyclothymia and recurrent depression. Since UP! normally is an asset to CBT, the app can be successfully used for other psychological health circumstances like main and recurrent melancholy, anxiety panic assaults and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Highly automated: UP! – the good temper diary that writes itself.

• The UP! temper diary mechanically retains journal of your bodily exercise, your work-life-balance, sleeping habits and your social activity.

• Your personal early warning indicators for hypomania, mania or melancholy are routinely displayed if you report an unusually depressed or elevated mood to UP!

• UP! supplies customizable reminders for the quick mood enter possibility and the detailed diary input choice.

Advice for usage:

Become more aware about your mental stability. UP! is designed to foster self-awareness and patient-empowerment. Use the night for an in depth diary entry to document your habits and your temper but make this additionally a routine for introspection. Make use of UP! for self-reflection to better detect the connections between your day by day life and hypomania, mania and melancholy. Identify your mood triggers and develop coping strategies for them. Become conscious of unfavorable behavioral patterns and set up positive healthy new ones. Therefor, group up with a health care professional and share the knowledge and information’s gathered with UP!

The science behind UP!

UP! was developed with scientists to support people who must address a bipolar affective dysfunction (bipolar 1 and bipolar 2). The app digitizes routines and ideas suggested by supranational remedy tips and implicitly implements psycho-educative cognitive behavioral therapeutically (CBT) approaches.

Your suggestions issues to us:

We need suggestions to continuously improve the mood diary. Problems, questions, recommendations, praise and criticism - tell us: [email protected]