Rate Monitor

Rate Monitor

By Brucemax

Rate MonitorRate Monitor

Use telephone camera for getting beats per minute and construct coronary heart price graph

Heart Rate Meter features:

✓ Unlimited coronary heart rate measurements

✓ Possibility to change to infinite measurement mode

✓ History of measurements with charts

✓ Supporting user profiles. Add profiles for you family members, friends and other with their own particular person measurement history

✓ Configurable. Number of measurement option for calculation average value of bpm

How to make use of:

1. Put finger over the back digital camera lens and start measurement. Keep finger as motionless as possible. Don't press to hard.

2. The flash will activate and after several seconds you will see` the pulse graph. If you selected a one-time measurement, you must wait some time until the measurement outcome appears on the screen.

3. Then you could select type activity for future analyzing on history display screen.

Do not measure with cold fingers when the blood circulation is poor.

Normal coronary heart rate

For adults 18 and older, a normal resting heart price is between 60 and one hundred beats per minute (bpm), relying on the individual's physical situation and age. For youngsters ages 6 to fifteen, the conventional resting coronary heart fee is between 70 and one hundred bpm, based on the American Heart Association

Use cases

You might use Heart Rate Meter for daily use for figuring out resting coronary heart rate.

Also it is very useful for athletes, sportsmen and people who likes fitness activity. In this case you may analyze your pre-activity and post-activity heart rate and detect what time you want for restore.

Principle of operation:

Application uses your telephones built-in camera to track color adjustments on the fingertip which are instantly linked with your pulse fee.

It doesn't want any exterior hardware.

Video example https://youtu.be/9I7ToYTFybc

We are open to help in translating the application into your native language. Your ideas are also welcome.

Please notice: Measurement process is determined by digital camera producer. You may attempt one other app if it isn't suitable for your smartphone. This software shouldn't be used as a medical gadget. Thank you.


- Since this application makes use of flash, in some gadgets might trigger sizzling LED flash.

- heart price detection not supposed to be used as a medical device.

- This app not intended for heart disease or condition analysis (afib, heart murmur)

- It doesn't detect blood stress or bloodpressure.