Edible Plant Guide

Edible Plant Guide

By Markus Rothkranz & Palingenesis, INC

Edible Plant GuideEdible Plant GuideEdible Plant GuideEdible Plant GuideEdible Plant Guide

By Markus Rothkranz

Over 2,500 beautiful full color pictures overlaying over 950 plants and what well being conditions they've been traditionally used for. The “Edible Plant Guide” (Free Food Medicine) will allow you to determine the vegetation that you just see outside your house, and use their natural powers to live a truly healthy life.

Did you understand dandelions are edible? Or you could make tea from lawn grass that’s great for lungs, bronchitis, skin conditions and stopping kidney stones?

Health Problems? Find out about the crops historically used for 377 completely different well being situations.

Those wild vegetation rising just outdoors your home and neighborhood are a few of the greatest free food and drugs you would ever have!

- What widespread neighborhood crops make an excellent shampoo, cleaning soap and toothpaste?

- What flowers and customary houseplants are edible?

- What crops allow you to give up smoking?

- What vegetation are nice for arguing couples?

- Which have extra protein than meat?

- Which are great coffee substitutes?

Forget expensive natural grocery shops. This intensive app shows you how one can eat the healthiest meals on the planet for FREE... how one can get the most highly effective therapeutic drugs on the planet for FREE. People everywhere in the world are doing this and radically improving their lives. It does not matter when you stay within the city or nation. There is free food all over the place.

There is not any excuse for not with the flexibility to afford meals or healthcare, because the healthiest food and medication on the planet is free, it is all-natural, and it's rising right outdoors your house and around your neighborhood. This is not only the lifestyle of desperate poor, but people from all walks of life are discovering the amazing health and longevity advantages of eating wild and backyard meals.

Beautiful full colour illustrations of the preferred edible plants found all around the globe, and what their health advantages are. Includes poisonous crops, totally different strategies of preparation, nutritional information and particular health condition reference.

No residence ought to be with out this wonderful app. You will be amazed at the countless uses for those wild crops outside!

Welcome to the brand new revolution. Eat your weeds!


Over 950 edible and non-edible plants. Pinch zoom in and out availability for pictures.

Descriptions concerning the crops.

Narrow your search down using 12 categories corresponding to Berries, Flowers, Trees, Seaweed and and so forth.

377 health situations and the historically used vegetation for every situation.

Ability to look on our “A-Z” and “Diagnosis” pages.

Ability to keep away from wasting your favourite plants.

No Internet connection is required after the app is installed.

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