E Numbers/Food Additives

E Numbers/Food Additives

By Sun Light

E Numbers/Food AdditivesE Numbers/Food AdditivesE Numbers/Food AdditivesE Numbers/Food Additives

The software is used for fast orientation in E Numbers/Food Additives that after viewing the outcome offers a primary overview of features that make them easy to recognize whether a substance is dangerous to health. The database currently accommodates more than 500 entries.

E Numbers/Food Additives are used for many reasons:

- To extend the shelf life

- Protection from destruction

- Improve the taste, look and smell

- Create the impression of a excessive content of fruit, eggs, butter, pure juices, etc.

Unfortunately it's not easy at first look to determine which substance is secure and which are not. Not all E Numbers/Food Additives are dangerous; even there are some health benefits (for instance vitamins). This application will help you to grasp, if food additive is secure.

What could be expected

• Application searches E Numbers/Food Additives and displays their basic properties (harmfulness, suitable for vegetarians, appropriate for delicate individuals, suitability for kids, the source of the substance was / was not genetically modified)

• The software is available for free and with out advertisements (target just isn't profit, but defend your health)

• The software is offline (no Internet connection required to show desired information)

What can not be expected

• The present utility does not embody a detailed description of E Numbers/Food Additives

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