BEAT - be active

BEAT - be active

By MySports GmbH

BEAT - be activeBEAT - be activeBEAT - be active

The biggest obstacle that stands in the way of getting more individuals to train frequently is the dearth of motivation. We’re offering a viable reward scheme as an incentive for people to set tractable objectives in their journey in direction of fitness.

The official BEAT App gives you the power to tackle sponsoring challenges and lets you receive BEAT tokens and other rewards in your exercise.

Share your actions with associates and achieve your fitness goals! Go for your next run with the BEAT app and get rewarded for it. BEAT creates a training diary you could save and share with friends inside the BEAT community. All you need to do is accept a problem and be as active as you can.

The very first challenge of the BEAT App is offered by the MySports GmbH. The MySports Walk Run Challenge motivated you to do sports activities, supports your physical development and helps you to document your activities.