By Happiest Baby, Inc.


The SNOO app is the smartphone companion to your Happiest Baby SNOO Smart Sleeper, the safest and best baby bed.

- Sleep Logs: Track your child's sleep daily...automatically.

- Alerts: Get notified when your baby needs more than SNOO's soothing (due to hunger or discomfort).

- Remote Control: Quickly reply to your baby's needs by adjusting SNOO’s ranges up and down.

- Customize: Pick one of the best movement and white noise settings in your baby.

- Adapt: Boost the level of rhythmic sensation - like using in a automotive all night time - during sleep disruptions from colds, development spurts, sleep regressions, teething, etc.

- Easy Weaning: Easily transition your child to the crib with our particular weaning characteristic that helps your baby be taught to sleep without motion

SNOO intelligently responds to your baby’s needs and, within simply days, helps the entire household sleep better. It calms fussing and aids sleep with the rhythmic sound and movement that babies discover so soothing in the womb.

A residence Wi-Fi connection is required to make use of the app together with your SNOO.

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