Right posture - healthy habit in everyday life!

Right posture - healthy habit in everyday life!

By 1:3 Lab

Right posture - healthy habit in everyday life!

Healthy habits in everyday life!

App for my well being.

I hope this app helps your health.

(forward head posture, i-posture, Spinal disc herniation, disc enchancment, posture correction, eye health, eye protection)

This app offers three features.

1. Alarm Service

You need to stretch often for your health.

Set an alarm and go away your cellphone within the neighborhood.

Even if you are busy, give yourself slightly time for your well being.

2. Angle Notification Service

If you take a look at your cell phone, just isn't your neck stiff?

We allow you to use your telephone with the proper angle.

The alarm will sound if it remains inside the set angle for a sure time period.

3. Eye protection service

Focusing on your cellular phone, your eyes usually are not blinking.

The eyes turn out to be dry and turn into stiff and easily fatigued.

When the display screen is on, a watch icon appears on the set time.

If you see an icon, blink your eyes.

Thank you.